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DX68 Hose crimping machine

Brief Introduction
Model DX68 pipe locking machine is mainly used for buckling processing for high pressure rubber pipe assembly in the mechanical engineering. It can also be used for buckling the two-way bends, especially large bends and irregular shape bends. This machine features small and portable appearance, big force, low noise and easy to operate. The buckling amount can be precise adjusted through a scale. It makes the mold base division to be more even through the double inclined plane eight-flap mold seat equipped with a high accuracy guiding device.
Main Technical Feature
Buckling range: 6---51mm
Max. buckling force: 400T
Scale accuracy: 0.02mm
Rated pressure: 31.5 Mpa
Oil pump displacement: 5ml/rad (380V); 2.5ml/rad (220V)
Overall dimensions: 670(L) X 490(W) X 780(H)mm