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MDH-II drying machine

MDH-II Drying is researched and produced by our company on the basis of electro thermal blowing and drying principle. It is used for drying the fire extinguisher container and the tank inner bladder. It is a new product having 8 working place. This product has quick drying speed, no dust, no pollution, easy to operate, safety and reliability etc features.
MDH-II drying machine is equipped with a temperature display and a heating time regulator. The user can conduct adjustment and setting based on demands.

Main Technical Parameters
Volume: 1000 X 462 X 1100mm
Weight: 63kg
Voltage: 220V
Power: 2KW
Fan power: 370W

Use and Application

Schematic Diagram for MDH-II Drying
1. Jet tube
2. Adjusting pallet
3. Adjusting pad
4. Power
5. Running indicator
6. Power Switch
8. Heating start indicator
9. Temperature controlled regulator
10.Heating stop indicator
11.Drain tube