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fire extinguisher dry powder filling line

Three filling station for dry powder fire extinguisher
Filling precision: 9kg1.5% 1kg 4%
Filling speed: 6 pcs/min( 4kg for example)
Speed of conveyor line: 6m/min
Cylinder height :260mm-540mm
Cylinder Diameter:85-185mm
Width of conveyor line :220mm (it can fill within 170mm diameter fire extinguisher).Width can be customized
Speed of conveyor: it can adjust according to your requirement.
Votalge: AC380V/220V 50Hz Power: 6.5KW
Volume: Length 2000mm X Width12000mm X Height3400mm(filling machine)
Torque Force of screwing: 100N.M(can be adjusted
11m stainless steel conveyor, three connectors filling station, one screwing working parts, nitrogen filling working part
Dry and Clean compressed Air :0.6-0.8Mpa(customer supplied)
3--4 workers are needed for whole line