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GFM16-1B dry powder filling machine

Model GFM-16B dry powder filler is a new product developed by our factory after absorbing the advantages of powder fillers at home and abroad. It can quickly suck dry powder into the cylinder and be directly filled in the cylinder of the extinguisher to be filled by vacuum fluidics; the dry powder can also be directly sucked into the cylinder of the extinguisher to be filled through the filling and cover. It can directly recover the dry powder in the cylinder of the old extinguisher. The equipment has the functions of lifting and dropping the cylinder electrically by just treading on the rise or fall pedal. It features small volume, easy movement, simple operation and lack of environmental pollution.
Thus labor intensity is decreased and work environment is improved. It can fill various models of extinguisher cylinder and also suitable for filling various powder products. So it is ideal equipment in the powder filling industry.
Technical parameters
Volume: 400 X 800 X 1350 mm (W X L X H)
Weight: 90 kg
Voltage: AC 220 V
Power: 1.1 KW
Filling rate: 5 kg/min
Filling residue: 1 kg