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GFM8-2 Automatic dry powder filling machine

General Survey
GFM powder filler is a new product developed and designed by our factory in combination with the characteristic of actual filling with reference to the advantages of its counterparts at home and abroad. Powder is rapidly absorbed into the cylinder to be filled by vacuum jet current. It is equipped with JY700 weight display of high precision and SP-T printer. The filling is automatic and quantitative. The residual dust on the filter is cleared by use of the negative pressure produced by vacuum. As it integrates electronics, electrical device and machinery into one entity, labor intensity is lowered and work environment improved. It is characterized by small volume, light weight, lower energy consumption, easy movement, simple operation and longer service life. So it is specially suitable for powder filling of fire extinguisher and also ideal for other powder filling sector.
Main Technical Parameters
Volume: Length X Width X Height (1130mm X 520mm X 1350mm)
Weight: 200kg Voltage: AC 380v/220v 50Hz
Power: 0.55KW /1.5Kw
Filling precision: 1kg 0.02
Filling speed: 6-12kg/min