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GTM-E Fire extinguisher carbon dioxide filling machine

GTM-E CO2 filling machine is the new product developed and manufactured by the scientific research personnel of our factory by consulting and following the advanced technology and advantages of CO2 filling machine at home and abroad, and according to the following characteristics: the CO2 stored in the cylinder is the gas-liquid mixture. Because the machine carries out the liquid gas transformation between the sealed pipeline and the sealed container, the machine is fast in the speed and high in the efficiency in the course of filling. The machine is the ideal new generation of equipment of traditional CO2 filling machine. This machine has the following characteristics: having the compact structure and smooth operation, saving the energy, having the accurate filling and small size, covering the smaller area, and having wide use and so on, and the machine is the ideal preferred equipment of the factory for manufacturing and repairing the CO2 extinguisher.
II. Main Technical Parameters
1. Technical Parameters of Filling Equipment
1.1 Rated Pressure: 12 MPa
1.2 Applicable Temperature: 40
1.3 Filling Speed: 1 C 3 kg/min
1.4 Power Supply Voltage: 220 V/50 Hz
1.5 Power of Motor: 1.5 kW
1.6 Overall Dimension of Filling Machine: 650 X 550 X 1050 mm (L X W X H)
1.7 Overall Dimension of Support of Steel Cylinder: 960 X 450 X 1500 mm (L X W X H)
2. Error Table of Filling Amount of Filling Machine